Performers Practice for professional theatre makers

PassePartout (established 1987) is a Dutch independent organisation promoting international exchange in the performing arts. PassePartout offers professional theatre makers opportunities to maintain and further develop their physical and creative potential by means of training, research and creation. Our high quality workshops research, broaden and intensify the performer’s communication. In the last 10 years PassePartout initiated more than 150 different events (workshops, seminars, lectures, festivals) in which reknown theatre professionals from all over the world were involved. They transmitted their experience and knowledge on younger and older collegues.


Books in the PassePartout Book Series (all in Dutch):
– Peter Brook and the Island of Imagination
(original Dutch title: Peter Brook en het Eiland van Verbeelding) (1995) by Emile Schra. Foreword by Paul Binnerts
– Actor Adrift (original Dutch title: Acteur op Drift) (1995)
by Yoshi Oida and Lorna Marshall. Foreword by Peter Brook. Introduction by Emile Schra
– The Paper Canoe (original Dutch title: De Kano van Papier) (1997)
by Eugenio Barba. Foreword by Dragan Klaic
– Le Corps Poétique (original Dutch title: Het Lichaam als Dichter) (2001)
by Jacques Lecoq. Foreword by Rina Sikkema

PPCahiers (all in Dutch):
– PPCahier 1, 1998: The Other Odysseus; 7 texts around theatre maker Eugenio Barba
(original Dutch title: De Andere Odysseus; Zeven teksten rond Theatermaker Eugenio Barba); edited by Emile Schra
– PPCahier 2, 1998: A Vision from India; Thoughts on Theatre, Culture and Politics
(original Dutch title: Een Visie uit India; Gedachten over theater, cultuur en politiek) by Rustom Bharucha; edited by Emile Schra
– PPCahier 3, 2002: Intercultural Puzzles; Richard Schechner and the theatre of the 21st Century
(original Dutch title: Interculturele Puzzels; Richard Schechner en het Theater in de 21ste Eeuw); edited by Kees Epskamp and Emile Schra

PassePartout Summer Festival (2000):
with performances of Frank van de Ven, Oguri, Juro Zenchiku, Pierre Byland (Confusion) and Neville Tranter (Salomé)
– work demonstration by the Gardzienice Teatr from Poland
– film program Japanese Performing Arts
– interactive lecture by Luc de Smet on Greek Tragedy

Festival Physical Theatre (2001):
with performances by Nola Rae (Mozart Preposteroso), Ensemble Leporello (Weg en Weer), Dominique Dupuis (L’homme debout il…), Jos Houben (Make ‘em Laugh)
– work demonstrations and public interviews

Festival On The Move (2002):
performances in AkademieTheater and outdoors by Grindl Kuchirka (the Dancing Clown), Crossroad (African music), Hisako Horikawa (butoh on Dom Square), Christoph Bochdansky (Twilight) and Dominique Dupuis (L’écume du Temps)
– work demonstrations

International Lecture on Performing Arts (ILPA)

‘The Intercultural Dialogue; Meeting Through Differences’
by Rustom Bharucha with coreferent Willem-Jan Otten, (Domtower 1997)

‘Is There a Need for Theatre in the 21st Century?’
by Richard Schechner with coreferent Alida Neslo (Gertrudis Chapel 1998)

‘The Courage to be Happy’
by Augusto Boal with coreferent Ad de Bont (Huis a/d Werf 1999)

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